Letter Box Keys 

Some keys for letterboxes, can be cut by code. The code is often stamped on the face of the lock or onto the key itself. We can post these keys out to you by Express Post, Registered Mail, or by Courier upon request.

NOTE: Keys cut to code cannot be guaranteed to work – if the code has been stamped wrong, code quoted incorrectly, lock is broken, or has been rekeyed, these keys may not work. There is no refund for keys cut to code if they do not work

  • Please complete the below form with all details including how you would like the key delivered.

  • A quote will be sent confirming price and key number.

  • Please include a secondary delivery address if your letterbox is currently locks or we can send it to your real estates office for pickup.

  • Once accepted and paid the key will be sent out within 48 Hours.

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